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Nitric Oxide: Improve Your Energy

The Molecule That Can Improve Your Life: from your energy to SEX!


Nitric Oxide (NO) is a molecule generated by the body whose vital function is vasodilation, helps muscle recovery, increases blood flow to the muscles, burns fat, reverses metabolic syndrome and prevents diseases such as diabetes.

It acts as a biological messenger regulating the activity of the immune system, brain, arteries, liver, pancreas, uterus and lungs, among other things.

But why should we stop using mouthwash? Because the bacteria that live in our mouths are responsible for converting the nitrates in food into nitric oxide. Therefore, if we kill them with mouthwashes, we are limiting our ability to absorb (NO) and as I said earlier this molecule is essential for activities ranging from digestion and blood pressure regulation to antimicrobial defence.

How to increase blood levels of (NO) and improve our health naturally:

  • Eating vegetables high in nitrates: leafy greens such as spinach, beetroot and radishes are high in nitrates.
  • Eating antioxidant foods: Vitamin C, found in fruits and vegetables, prevents nitrates in food from being broken down, promoting adequate levels of NO.
  • There are supplements that increase nitric oxide, such as L-citrulline or L-arginine, as well as vegetables with nitrates.
  • Exercise: nitric oxide causes the arteries to dilate, but in reverse, if we exercise and increase blood flow, we will also increase the levels of NO in the blood.

Nitric oxide keeps us young, long-lived, energetic and sexed up!